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Vital Essentials – Now Available in Your Region

Introducing Vital Essentials – now available in your local region through Phillips Pet Food and Supplies. Here’s why you’ll want to add this premium brand to your store:

    • Quality, Natural Ingredients: Vital Essentials sources whole-animal, butcher cut protein. They then freeze it at the peak of freshness and make food that your pet deserves. 
    • Innovative Products: Vital Essentials offers a quality raw diet in the form of treats, toppers, meals, and snacks!
    • Trusted Brand: Vital Essentials has been a trusted and proven pet food brand with numerous awards and a loyal customer base seeking high-quality, natural pet food options. By carrying Vital Essentials in your store, independent pet retailers can tap into this loyal customer base and attract new customers who are looking for high-quality, natural pet food options.

Ready to get started? Fill out the form to request a sample of Vital Essentials products and our team will also help you with any questions you have!


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