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Our blog is a place for us to keep our customers informed and share news about our company and the industry. We like to be involved in the community and participate in industry events and activities, while always staying on the hunt for new products that help provide our customers the latest mix on their shelves. For more information about what our company is up to, check out the posts below.

Holiday Season Planning

At the height of summer, it’s hard to think about holiday season planning. But now is the time for pet retailers to put together a product and merchandising strategy that ensures the holiday sales season is a success. The plan starts with creating a festive atmosphere...

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Cat Toy Trends

Today’s cat toy trends reflect the increasing awareness of pet parents that cats need exercise to stay healthy and maintain their weight, while also meeting their instinct to hunt and play. Cats can sleep up to 16 hours a day and many spend time staring out windows...

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Traveling with Pets

The number of dogs, cats and other critters on the family vacation is growing, with almost 40 percent of American pet owners traveling with pets each year. That statistic aligns with the humanization of pets, and the travel trend is resulting in innovative products...

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Fish Food Guide

Fish, like any other organism, need a supply of calories to sustain their metabolism, and selecting the right fish food helps them stay healthy and supports the beauty of your aquarium. Fish are cold-blooded and do not need an overabundance of food to maintain their...

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Solution-Based Dog Food

Human food trends are driving pet food innovation, including solution-based dog foods. As more people change their eating habits to promote wellness, they also seek wholesome meals for their dogs. Instead of buying what is on sale at the big box store, dog parents are...

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Partnering with Phillips To Grow Sales

Are you making the most of your distributor relationship? When you hear the word “Phillips,” you probably think about buying products. Phillips offers a wide array of food, treats and supplies at competitive prices, but the benefits of partnering with us go beyond...

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What’s New with Dog Treats & Chews

The variety of dog treats and chews is growing thanks to the premiumization of pet food, modest dog ownership growth and the demand for natural and healthy products. Limited- or single-ingredient dog treats and chew are trending, and overall treat and chew sales are...

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