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Enjoy your holiday weekend!
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Order by Line item: Enter the UPC or 6 Digit Phillips Number to add to cart 

New Feature! Located in the Top Banner, you can use a UPC or Item number to quickly add items to the cart. Items will populate in real time with verification information.

Order Pad:  Quickly add multiple items to your cart with just a few clicks 

Quickly type out your entire order using the order pad. Far faster than searching each item, use this time saving tool to process large orders. 

Feature Updates: As you enter, the order pad will provide a validation of item, in/out of stock, price per unit, and extended price in real time. Adjustments needed now alert you, helping you accurately order each line item. 



CSV Upload:  Directly upload products to your cart

Replacing the cut and paste method of the old site, this quick upload allows you more time to shop-uploading your Excel spreadsheet of all products at once.

Directions for CSV Upload

  • From the Order Pad page, Download Template for the CSV File. 
  • Format your CSV File, per the template: 
  • Upload your file via CSV Upload 


Given this example CSV to upload:

The CSV upload tool on order pad will automatically add valid items to your cart, while alerting you to any problematic item rows that need to be fixed before you add them to your cart.

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