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NORWALK, CT – Get Joy, a pioneer in holistic dog wellness, proudly announces its strategic partnership with Phillips Pet Food and Supplies, a leading distributor of pet products to independent pet retailers. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for Get Joy as it builds an omnichannel strategy across DTC and retail, making its holistic wellness products accessible to more dog parents nationwide. 

Get Joy is on a mission to improve and extend the lives of dogs and their families through wellness and nutrition, by focusing on our canine companion’s body, mind, and soul. Founded in 2019 by Tom Arrix, the brand was born from a personal journey of navigating Tom’s own dog’s health scare, igniting a commitment to revolutionize the dog food category. Get Joy offers science-backed products optimized for canine health with gut healthy nutrition at its core. 

At Get Joy, the focus is on providing health-conscious dog owners with a complete wellness platform, delivering value (and joy) at every step of their routine. Through its new partnership with Phillips Pet, Get Joy’s innovative lineup of products, will now be available through Phillips Pet’s extensive network of over 6000 independent pet retailers, reaching markets nationwide. Get Joy will be launching in the following Phillips Pet Warehouses: Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Florida, Michigan, California & Oregon. Available products from Get Joy’s portfolio include:  

  • Get Joy Fresh Freeze Dried Meals: Enjoy the pantry-friendly convenience of dry food with the health benefits of feeding fresh as Get Joy’s freeze drying process locks in 97% of the nutritional value of raw ingredients while preserving shelf life. These formulas are developed by a team of Ph.D. animal nutritionists, led by Dr. George Fahey of University of Illinois. Made with quality ingredients like pre, pro and post-biotics, these meals lead the industry in digestibility and scientifically-proven to optimize your dog’s gut health, overall wellness, and longevity. 
  • Get Joy Fresh Meals: Formulated by expert veterinary nutritionists, each Fresh Meal is gently-cooked, optimized for digestibility, and made with real, human-grade ingredients sourced in the USA. These meals are developed for sensitive stomachs to picky eaters to weight shedders – it’s wholesome food your dog loves that you feel good about. 
  • Freeze Dried Superfood Treats, Chews & more: Train, reward, or delight your dog with Freeze Dried Superfood Treats, made with single ingredient organ meat and packed with essential nutrients. Natural, long-lasting chews keep your dog healthy and mentally stimulated to optimize their holistic health. 
  • Supplements (Coming Soon): Get Joy will soon be introducing a line of daily Supplement Chews that aim to support overall dog wellness and longevity through targeted gut health, joint care, and stress. Their science-backed formulas, with quality active and inactive ingredients are optimized for impact, and specially formulated by renowned Ph.D. Animal Nutritionists to help dog owners prioritize preventative care that goes beyond the bowl.  

Tom Arrix, Founder and CEO of Get Joy, stated, “At Get Joy, our mission is to provide dogs and their owners with the tools they need to thrive together. We’re excited to partner with Phillips to bring our holistic wellness ecosystem to even more pet owners nationwide. We believe canine-focused businesses in local communities is where dog wellness evolves, which is why working with Phillips makes perfect sense. We’re able to offer our products to independent pet retailers across the country. This collaboration aligns perfectly with our commitment to prioritizing the overall well-being of dogs, focusing on their gut health, digestion, and immunity.” 

Phillips Pet shares Get Joy’s dedication to promoting pet wellness. “We’re thrilled to collaborate with Get Joy, a brand committed to enhancing the lives of dogs and their owners,” said Jessica Morris, Senior VP of Marketing and Merchandising at Phillips Pet. “By incorporating Get Joy’s holistic offerings into our distribution network, we aim to provide independent pet retailers with premium products that resonate with today’s pet owners, prioritizing their companions’ overall health and happiness.” 

This partnership marks the beginning of an exciting chapter for Get Joy, with more groundbreaking initiatives on the horizon. Dog owners can expect further announcements in the coming weeks and months as the brand continues to evolve and innovate. 

For more information on Get Joy and its holistic wellness products, visit 

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