For pet retailers, the season approaches to refresh store displays for the lighter, brighter feel of spring merchandising. The first place to start for brick-and-mortar stores is a thorough cleaning of floors, shelves, windows and counters. Then, hop into action and organize merchandise into spring-focused displays that are inviting to pet parents and create promotions and events to drive foot traffic.

Window and Store Displays

Color & Grouping: Store merchandise that is pastel in color (pink, light blue, green, orange and yellow) can be grouped in a window or as part of a display. It can contain beds, leashes, collars, outdoor toys, bowls, carriers, raincoats, dog bows, carriers, clothing and treats. Look around at existing merchandise and find the spring colors.

Props: Display the merchandise with plush puppies, kitten, bunnies and chicks. Mix in artificial spring flowers or greenery. Consider a base of artificial turf or grass from the local home store.

Dimension: Make the display interesting to the eye with dimension and levels. Put merchandise on tables and benches, then fill around it with baskets, crates, flower pots and metal buckets/cans. A child’s wagon or a wheelbarrow can be part of the display to hold merchandise.

Signage: Insert spring-themed banners and signs into the display. Chalkboards are popular because the message or offer can easily change.
“Spring Cleaning” for Pets

Grooming products: Consider a special display or endcap devoted to pet grooming. Have access to an old clawfoot bathtub? Make it the center of a “get clean” display that includes shampoos, washes, brushes, combs and nail clippers.

Grooming services: In-store grooming services can offer “spring” specials.

Bug season solutions: Create a special display or endcap for flea, tick and mosquito defense products.

Springtime Extras

Pet adoption: Promote and hold pet adoption days in cooperation with a local shelter. An in-store educational presentation on owning a dog or cat for the first time can lead to product sales.

Special events: Offer pet photos with the Easter Bunny. Sponsor a neighborhood Earth Day clean-up that starts from the store and provide garbage bags (preferably biodegradable), gloves, beverages and a coupon for the store. Hold a blanket, towel and food drive for a local shelter and offer a store coupon for each donation.

Springtime merchandising can be refreshed every few weeks in order to highlight product selection, engage customers and increase sales. To find visual inspiration for spring merchandising, log into and search for “pet stores” or check out other brick-and-mortar stores to see what catches the eye.

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