EASTON, PA: Phillips Pet Food & Supplies (‘Phillips’), a leading pet product distributor serving the independent pet channel, is excited to announce its exclusive partnership with Petz, a marketing and technologies company that has developed a consumer app that revolutionizes the way content is published, distributed, and redeemed on mobile devices.

Built exclusively for the unique needs of the pet industry, Phillips looks forward to playing a major role in bringing this impressive solution to market. Petz distributes targeted, relevant incentivized content from manufacturers and retailers, directly to their “pet-centric” community. The app includes the ability to create and publish several types of fraud proof digital offers and incentives that can be redeemed by any participating retailer, in-store or online. Educational content and lively consumer contests are made possible via its integrated social media platform. Petz provides a valuable, unique, and engaging experience for the consumer, making this app, “The ultimate place for pet parents to take advantage of discounts from their neighborhood pet store, social engagement and valuable information”.

“The pet industry has needed a simple, quick, and fraud proof solution that delivers coupons and offers directly to pet parents. Phillips is eager to share Petz with our manufacturers and retailers, and we are confident they will be as impressed as we are with all it has to offer.” Jessica Farina-Morris, VP of Marketing & Merchandising for Phillips Pet Food & Supplies.

A pioneer in mobile marketing, Petz had their first version release under the name Petz Mobile in 2013. In 2019, Cook Holdings I, LLC, acquired Petz Mobile. A Virginia based company, Cook Holdings has a portfolio of companies focused on the betterment and growth of the pet industry. With significant investment and support, Petz has been completely redeveloped from the ground up. It has not only evolved into an app but is making its return with the most cutting-edge consumer-based marketing solution the pet industry has seen in the last decade.

Over the coming weeks, Phillips will work with Petz to facilitate the enrollment of manufacturers into the Petz ecosystem prior to the full launch to retailers nationwide.

For more information about Petz, please contact Patrick at pyates@petzmobile.com